Month: July 2013


I spent yesterday morning weeding out this bed beside the driveway. Today I ordered fresh pine straw for mulching. I need to weed along the ‘beard wall’ and one of the rear daylily beds that is infected with dollar weed and then I will be caught up for another 6 months.   Read moreThe key

Garden plans

An inaugural year but not enough to yet designate me a gardener. I planted a garden. Initially I planted seeds. I was ambitious or rather, I planned for contingencies. I planned for a sizable percentage of failure. Instead, everything sprouted and I was looking at having enough seedlings for a acre garden. I didn’t plan

A small bounty

Biddan Ridge is the name I gave to the house. There are many reason I felt compelled to name the house. All great houses have names, right? Not that this home is grand or historic like Monticello or Falling Waters, but relatively speaking my house fits the arc of my life. I grew up in

"Comparison is the thief of joy." 

  ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Daily inspiration

Pain de Mie – the bread of the crumb

Getting the boys to eat homemade bread has as much to do with the taste as how the loaf looks. The solution: a pullman pan from USA pans. This is a lidded, heavy gauge cast aluminum pan that allows you to bake a SQUARE loaf of bread. I sifted through the internet for recipes for

Pallet garden

Cherry Blackberry Jam

[two_columns_one] I bought a bag of cherries at Publix. I like to fill a bowl with the cherries and cover them with ice when I am working in the yard. I then nibble on cold cherries as a refreshment. The cherries lose their freshness and crispness after about a week in the crisper. I dislike

Banana Walnut Bread

  I bought a Nutrimill Classic, a grain mill made by Bosch, the same Bosch that makes drills and equipment in the cordoned off section of Lowe’s. I bought the mill so I could start grinding or milling my own flour. They call it super flour because it has all the true parts of the

The images accumulate; they abound. I look forward to a weekend of pictures and home.

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