Month: March 2014

Spring has sprung

Well, as the lore says, winter is over when the pecan trees bud out. My pecans have budded, the pears have set flowers along with the peach, chickasaw plum and the ornamental Japanese purple leaf maple. The figs have started to show new buds and the newly planted raspberry canes have begun to put out

Frost proof

I am hoping tonight is the last night of cold. We’ll have frost in the morning. I hope it’s the end of the frost. I’ve checked my pecan trees every afternoon, looking for the first leaves to shoot. Pecans are wise and knowledgeable. They do not set leaves until the winter frosts have ended. While

Taking Stock

It is finally sunny with a perfect spring temperature of 82F. After 5 straight days of sunlessness, raining and cold with temps rarely above 55F and in the 30F at night – which for Florida is exceptionally rare and annoying – the weather is a greatly welcomed respite. I walked the property taking stock. We’d


When I stumbled across raspberry canes for sale at my local Lowe’s store, I was intrigued because everyone kept telling me that raspberries don’t grow here. So, I defiantly bought three canes. I then did a bunch of reading and research and discovered that there are raspberries that will grow here. Now, these three canes