Month: April 2014


Opening the hive is always exciting. I want to find the queen. I slowly and patiently went over every frame. Two frames, four sides, are capped brood. There are larvae in another and honey on one frame. The drones and workers are very active but thankfully not aggressive. But alas, no queen. She’s in there.


The irises have started blooming. They are lovely, brilliant and delicate. They close up at night and once they are done blooming their petals curl up like the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet in the Wizard of Oz after the house falls on her.

Moving the hive

The 5 frame Nuk box got upgraded to a regular 10 frame brood box. The bees were fairly docile which I attribute to a cooler night. Once I noticed that all the sugar water was gone, I knew it was time to move them. I didn’t find the queen but considering how much the brood