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Biddan Bees

It’s 97F today. It’s April 30th and it’s 97F. Luckily, there was a brisk breeze, but the wind stirs up the bees. I had to check the hives. I did not plan on having three hives. I wanted two. My original hive was thriving and robust, in February I finally had undeniable evidence of a laying

Mysterious times

As spring arrived – after the late March refreeze that killed my pear blossoms, fig leaves, orange stems and fooled the usually infallible pecan trees – these strange stalks pushed up. I must have planted SOMETHING in this bed. I have irises, crinum lilies, gloriosa lilies, stokesias and agapanthas in this bed. And now I

I am in no way expert but I am an enthusiastic backyard beekeeper. I know I am supposed to rob the hive. The whole point is to collect honey but I often think of them like a pasture of cows or goats. I just want them to have a happy home and range to make

Listen to the Bees

It is very simple. If there is honey, especially if there is honey flowing in your backyard, then life is good. Honeybees are the backbone of every food system whether you are foraging, gardening or big agribusiness. If the honeybees do not have an abundant food source, then they do not pollinate all of the

Sifting the Hive

When I pulled frames two weeks ago, I caught sight of a few mites. I try to limit any use of pesticides on my property so as to protect my bees. I use Andro against fire ants – because fire ants are a vicious, non-native species with no predator except ME. But otherwise, I don’t


I robbed the beehive at the end of September, removing eight small frames and one large frame. The walnut colored honey flowed smooth and I ended with fifteen pint jars that taste like roasted peaches. Since then, the hive seems quiet and I worry that the swarm fractured. I avoid the hive to avoid my

Time Flies

I last posted in July. July. J.U.L.Y.! Shameful. So much has been going on. I realized that gardening, specifically a food garden, in the summer is impossible. Insane. After returning from our trip to London, with a swift jaunt out to a well-known ring of ancient stones, work and life got crazy-busy. The Oldest went

Beehive update

I don’t have pictures. I wish I had pictures. I can see the beehive from the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen this morning, dawn had come and the slightest bit of daylight had started to illuminate the day. It was before 6am. I looked out at the hive and the entire front of

Beehive check

It was just May 17th when I added the second frame box to the beehive. I had some concerns that the bees were overcrowded. My intuition was correct. I had pulled two frames from the original box and had intended to remove them completely from the hive but that were covered with bees and some


Late Wednesday afternoon, I added a second box to the beehive. The boys and girls are active and the hive seems to be thriving. I encountered bees in the garden on the tomatoes and cucumber blossoms. The are all over the asters and wild daisies. But more than anything they are all over the blackberries.

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