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Drip line irrigation

When the house was built, an irrigation system was placed but like most sprinklers, the focus was on keeping a green lawn. I honestly don’t care about a green lawn. My gardening philosophy is benign neglect and my lawn – such that it is – is bahia grass, a native species and it either endures


When I stumbled across raspberry canes for sale at my local Lowe’s store, I was intrigued because everyone kept telling me that raspberries don’t grow here. So, I defiantly bought three canes. I then did a bunch of reading and research and discovered that there are raspberries that will grow here. Now, these three canes

Biddan Ridge is the name I gave to the house. There are many reason I felt compelled to name the house. All great houses have names, right? Not that this home is grand or historic like Monticello or Falling Waters, but relatively speaking my house fits the arc of my life. I grew up in

The detached garage serves as car protector, garden shed and storage for Christmas decorations and the left over remains from construction. I have boxes of tile and two boxes of flooring in the event there is a need for replacements. I also have asphalt roof shingles and paint. I wrote down the names of all

Brace yourself


A groom carries his bride across the threshold. An explorer steps from what is known into the unknown, crossing a threshold. A couple jumps the broom when they marry, if they are of a certain heritage. Or they stomp on a glass.When you graduate, you flip your mortar board tassel from one side to the

Our History

Biddan Ridge is my new home and it is the first house built in Hawk’s Ridge, a development in Alachua, Florida. I bought the land, 3.55 acres, in February 2010. It was my first asset acquisition post-marriage. It was the first thing I owned as a newly single person. The only thing missing from my