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It’s early January and we have yet to have any significant winter. There has been no frost. Night-time temperatures have barely reached 40F and then warms towards 70F during the daytime. The trees are confused. I saw a loquat tree downtown filled to bursting with buttery yellow fruits. My own pear trees have put out

Raspberry dreams

My sister says, “I like to plant and grow what I like to eat.” I agree. I like to eat raspberries. When a 1/4 pint is $4 at the market, growing my own seems ideal. Growing my own also means raspberry jam: berries, sugar and pectin. That is winning. Unlike blackberries, at least my wild

Frost proof

I am hoping tonight is the last night of cold. We’ll have frost in the morning. I hope it’s the end of the frost. I’ve checked my pecan trees every afternoon, looking for the first leaves to shoot. Pecans are wise and knowledgeable. They do not set leaves until the winter frosts have ended. While

Fall/Winter garden

Home base

I spent several hours of combined time sitting in my car with the engine running this week, listening to the radio, playing solitaire on my smart phone and waiting for the deluge of rain to stop or at least slow down long enough for me to wade into the building, house of store. We are

Field Trip

The seasons feel like they are shifting, if just a small fraction. It was 73F this morning and foggy. While it climbed into the mid 90’s by mid afternoon, there was a breeze. Fall is coming and I look forward to the fall yard and garden. My fall seeds arrived from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Pain de Mie – the bread of the crumb

Getting the boys to eat homemade bread has as much to do with the taste as how the loaf looks. The solution: a pullman pan from USA pans. This is a lidded, heavy gauge cast aluminum pan that allows you to bake a SQUARE loaf of bread. I sifted through the internet for recipes for

Pallet garden

Mr. McGillacuddy

Today, our gopher turtle returned. We had to make special accommodations for Mr. Gopher (Tortoise) last summer during construction because the gopher tortoise is endangered. His burrow has looked active but he is a stealthy little critter. Today he came marching across the back yard as if he had a mission. We’ve assumed the turtle

The Angel Oak

If you take the James Island Bridge out of downtown Charleston, you can pick up Maybank Highway. It will leap frog to Johns Island and if you follow Maybank to Bohicket Road, you come to a sharp switchback of a dirt road. The road is thick with clay and rutted in areas but a quarter

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