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With the building of this house, it is the first time in my life I’ve had a pretty bathroom. I have a sumptuous bathroom with a truly divine tub. I designed the tub and asked that the back wall be smooth finished so that I could add a large stencil to the wall. I had

The Hub

Finding true comfort requires living in a space for a bit. Then you can make adjustments to improve the flow of  your home. The Hub is the game room, the residence of the PS4. It never felt quite right in it previous arrangement. My son was constantly dragging the slipper chair in front of the


There are certain tasks around Biddan Ridge I simply avoid. These tasks mock me, taunt me and ultimately annoy me to the point I Must. Do. Them. First. Addressing the long neglected succulent patio garden has been at the top of the list followed closely by defining and weeding the blackberry stand. Well, the succulents

The new quilt

Evan wanted a new quilt. It was time. His baby quilt needed to be retired (and protected). I came home from the Modern Quilt Guild convention in Austin, Texas with a pattern and satchel of fabric to make his quilt and I ended with enough fabric to make a black out curtain for his window.

Coming to roost

Long before I moved into Biddan Ridge, my collected art work waited for framing. Within a week of taking occupancy, my artwork arrived. I have a special affinity for an artist I discovered on Etsy or out meandering in the blogosphere: Geninne Zlatkis. See her amazing eye here. I have her birds framed in my