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Apricot Bread

Apricot Bread Read moreRosemary Grape Foccacia2 sticks of butter, melted and cooled 1 C granulated sugar ½ C brown sugar, packed 4 eggs 3 C flour, all purpose 2 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 1 C almonds, sliced 8 oz dried whole apricots 1 TBSP lemon juice 2 tsp almond extract Preheat the oven

All’s Pear in Love

Yesterday morning it was cool by July standards and foggy. A good time to attend to the pear trees. This is their second fruit season and I am blessed with an abundance of fruit on such small trees. Calling them trees exaggerates, embellishes. The Biscamp pear, a self-pollinating variety bore the most fruit; its reed

Apple Honey Challah

I love the recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Honey Apple Challah. I’ve made it a half dozen times, sometimes giving the loaves away to my Jewish friends celebrating the Sabbath or a holiday. I’ve made it with and without the apples. I prefer to make it in a three strand braid instead of the four

The Soup

I wanted Italian Wedding soup, the kind with the tiny little meatballs, but I am so picky about pre-prepared food items with ground “beef”. I suspect what is labeled as “beef” is really various cow parts. So, I found an easy recipe on-line for an Italian Wedding soup [here] and made a quick run to

Bacon Jam

With a day off work, I have a day to work around home. It’s 7:30 and I sit at my kitchen counter watching the sun rise and stream into the windows along the east side of the house. It is how I imagined the sun in the early morning hours although the reflection on the

Banana Walnut Bread

  I bought a Nutrimill Classic, a grain mill made by Bosch, the same Bosch that makes drills and equipment in the cordoned off section of Lowe’s. I bought the mill so I could start grinding or milling my own flour. They call it super flour because it has all the true parts of the

Old Fashioned Fudge Bars

One vital goal that is paramount to Biddan Ridge becoming all that I envision is for the food we eat to be made from scratch. I want the land to grow some of our food. It’s why I have honeybees and have fruit and nut trees plant about the 3.55 acres. It’s why I planted

Totally Homemade

I picked the first growth of our cucumbers, grown from seeds for Ellen’s Family white pickling cucumbers. Read moreGood LuckThe cucumbers look like yellow squash but smelled strongly like cucumbers. I used the recipe on the back of Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime and made Old South Cucumber Lime Pickles. I make my own pickling spice