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My butlers’ pantry is one of the absolute high points of this home. It allows me to store almost everything regarding the house with the exception of the Christmas tree and the ornaments. It allows me to keep clean and clear kitchen counters. It also allows me to reach items that I use frequently with

Front manicure

The front porch is planted with pink lorapetalum. They are 15 months in the ground and in need of a trimming. I trim by hand with hand nippers. I do this mostly because I lack the mechanized shrubbery trimmer or shearing equipment that runs on electricity or gasoline. I also now attest that I do


There are certain tasks around Biddan Ridge I simply avoid. These tasks mock me, taunt me and ultimately annoy me to the point I Must. Do. Them. First. Addressing the long neglected succulent patio garden has been at the top of the list followed closely by defining and weeding the blackberry stand. Well, the succulents

The detached garage serves as car protector, garden shed and storage for Christmas decorations and the left over remains from construction. I have boxes of tile and two boxes of flooring in the event there is a need for replacements. I also have asphalt roof shingles and paint. I wrote down the names of all